This aerial view shows part of two Joint Economic Development Districts Miami Twp. shares with area cities. Austin Landing, which is part of the Austin Center JEDD, is the dominant image in this photo. Part of the Dayton JEDD - the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport - can be scene in the upper left part of the photos. TY GREENLEES / STAFF

Revenue from tax deals for Austin Center, Dayton Mall areas hit new high

Miami Twp.’s tax sharing deals with Dayton, Miamisburg and Springboro brought in about $2.29 million for 2018, topping the $2 million mark for the second straight year.

The Joint Economic Development Districts contracts the township has with the three cities include the areas in and around the Austin Boulevard interchange at Interstate 75 (Austin Center), the Dayton Mall (Miami Crossing) and the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport (Dayton).

The Austin Center JEDD totaled about $1.15 million in revenues while the Miami Crossing district brought in about $814,400, township records show. The Dayton JEDD’s total revenue was about $331,000.

Combined revenues for 2017 were about $2.1 million, records show. The totals reflect the number of jobs in and around the business and entertainment corridors of the Dayton Mall and Austin Landing, as well as the Dayton-owned airport.

The Austin Center JEDD includes Miamisburg and Springboro. The income tax rate is 2.25 percent with the township receiving about 57 percent, Miamisburg about 22 percent and Springboro about 20 percent.

The same income tax rate applies to businesses in Miami Crossing, which includes the township and Miamisburg. The township gets 70 percent of tax revenues and the city 30 percent.

The Dayton JEDD, which includes Dayton and the township, is taxed at 1.75 percent and the revenue is split 50/50 between the jurisdictions.