Sale of Yellow Springs fire station pending

The Yellow Springs Development Corporation will finalize the sale of the fire station on Corry Street to an unnamed buyer at the end of this week.

In a special online meeting Tuesday, Sept. 22, the Yellow Springs Development Corporation (YSDC) approved the sale. The buyer was not publicly named. YSDC President Lisa Abel said the vote allowed the group to negotiate with the buyer and send them a contract. Abel expects to get the agreement back at the end of this week.

The YSDC discussed the proposal from the buyer they are currently negotiating during an executive session. There were six or seven interested parties, but only three presented the YSDC with detailed proposals for what they would do with the fire station property, Abel said.

The fire station at 225 Corry Street was put up for sale this summer. The property is adjacent to the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail. Anyone still working in the Corry Street building will move to 1001 Xenia Avenue in Yellow Springs.

Josue Salmeron, Yellow Springs Village Manager and a member of the YSDC, said the development corporation had discussed what would be the best business in that space and compliment others around it. Salmeron said the YSDC had also discussed what kind of businesses would do well in the space all year round.

Salmeron said he had to recuse himself from some subcommittee discussions on the sale because the village has an interest in what happens to the parking lot of the fire station.

The development corporation will meet on Oct. 6 at 4:30 p.m. to finalize the sale, Abel said.

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