Sex claim involving student led to paid leave, teacher resignation

The Miamisburg Middle School teacher who resigned last week amid sexual misconduct allegations was put on paid administrative leave the day the superintendent said the accusation came to light, district records show.

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The female teacher’s resignation letter is also dated that day - May 23, district records show – although Superintendent David Vail earlier said the nine-year veteran stepped down the next day. A report of alleging sexual battery was filed Thursday with Miami Twp. police, records show.

The paid administrative leave letter indicates the teacher would not be permitted “on any district property” during the school district’s investigation, which Vail said he believes involved an eighth grade male student.

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The teacher has not been formally charged in the courts, so this news outlet is not naming her. The one-sentence resignation letter states the decision was for “personal and professional” reasons.

The district’s investigation, Vail said, “did not allege any sexual conduct.”


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