Some area jurisdictions didn’t take CARES Act funding

Perry Twp. building, 3025 Johnsville Brookville Rd. STAFF

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Perry Twp. building, 3025 Johnsville Brookville Rd. STAFF

Perry Twp. in Montgomery County was in line to receive $166,940 in CARES Act funding but never took it.

“We didn’t want to take their money if we didn’t have to,” said Melissa Mears, Perry Twp. trustees president. “It’s very nice of them to offer the money, but … if there was another agency that really needed it, that’s kind of how we went.”

Three townships and three villages in Greene County also did not use the CARES Act funds allotted them, including Silvercreek Twp., which could have spent more than $101,000.

Mears said the township was able to supply its small police force with personal protective equipment.

“Our police department is kind of self-sufficient, so that was one reason,” said Mears said.

Other townships and cities have used CARES Act money to make changes to facilities to keep the public and employees safe. But the small Perry Twp. administrative office already had a plexiglass divider in the lobby separating the public from employees.

Mears said trustees were also hesitant to put any new improvements into the building at 3025 Johnsville Brookville Road that might be vacated soon.

“They’re looking at maybe building a new building,” she said. “We hate to put anything in that building if we decide to tear it down.”

Mears said some jurisdictions have used money to purchase new vehicles.

“Could we use new truck? Yes, but is CARES money for a truck?” she asked.

Perry Twp.’s allocation was redistributed last month to 30 other Montgomery County jurisdictions. The redistribution amounts ranged from $33.39 going to Verona to $44,373 to Dayton.

The other Greene County jurisdictions that did not spend their allotments include Caesarscreek and Jefferson townships and the villages of Bowersville, Clifton and Spring Valley.