Southwest Ohio congressman to host tele-townhall with doctor on pandemic

U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson will hold a live tele-townhall today related to the coronavirus outbreak and its effects within the 8th Congressional District he represents.

The Republican congressman from Troy will be joined by epidemiologist Dr. Edward J. Septimus, whose expertise includes patient safety and infection prevention.

Septimus is a past president of the Texas Infectious Diseases Society and served on the Infectious Diseases Society of America Board of Directors.

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Septimus was consulted on the two positive COVID-19 tests at the American Isreal Public Affairs Committee conference in Washinton, D.C. ,earlier this month.

“If you test positive for coronavirus, we urge you to inform your local health authorities so they can properly coordinate their response to this situation with the appropriate health authorities,” he said in the New York Post related to the two positive test results at the AIPAC conference.

“I hope everyone will take this opportunity to ask their medical questions and get some answers about the public health response,” Davidson said. “Right now, the state and federal governments are taking a very hands-on approach to coronavirus and it’s important that Americans hear and understand what’s happening in Congress.”

The congressman said though tough times are still ahead, “I can say with confidence that America’s government — not Republicans or Democrats, but together — we will unite and we will make sure that individuals, families and businesses get the care and assistance they need.”

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday passed a $2 trillion coronavirus economic rescue package for what Davidson said has had a “massive impact” on the economy. The stock market went into a downward spiral for several days before a 2,100-point rally on Tuesday.

Davdison’s congressional website and his social media accounts will continue to provide updates.

“Like you, I’m not happy about the impact, but the threat to public health is credible,” Davidson said. “As we work through the complexities and seemingly endless trickle of information, our offices remain open.”

The tele-townhall will be for an hour starting at 5:15 p.m. today. To be included in the townhall, visit or call 202-225-6205 to be added to the tele-townhall contact list.

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