CLOSER LOOK: Financials of Ohio governor candidates

Ohio Statehouse.

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Ohio Statehouse.

Each of the candidates vying to be Ohio’s 70th governor — four Democrats and four Republicans — has held public office in Ohio, which means they are required to file financial disclosure statements.

Voters will ultimately decide which candidate they most relate to — or trust as the state’s CEO — but this newspaper’s examination of the candidates’ financial holdings and investments shows most of them have little in common with the income levels of the vast majority of Ohioans.

Below are financial documents from each of the eight candidates:

Richard Mike Dewine, Attorney General

Jon Husted, Secretary of State

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Connie Pillich, former Ohio House member

James Renacci, Congressman

Joseph Schiavoni, Ohio Senator

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Betty Sutton, former U.S. Representative

Mary Taylor, Lieutenant Governor

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Nannette Whaley, Dayton Mayor

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