6 things to know about Ohio State’s $170M athletics budget

Matta might be out, but University still on hook for three remaining years of contract.

Ohio State University parted ways with basketball coach Thad Matta on Monday.

Although Matta is Ohio State’s all-time winningest men’s basketball coach, the school let him go after 13 years, the last few of which some didn’t believe met the expectations that come with $3.39 million in pay a year.

Between Matta and football Urban Meyer, the two took home about 35 percent of the total $22.9 million the university paid out during 2016 to all coaches — including assistants — in the 30 or so men’s and women’s sports teams at OSU, according to Title IX disclosures to the U.S. Department of Education.

Meyer was the highest paid public employee in Ohio during 2016, making $4.61 million in salary and bonus pay. Their boss, athletic director Gene Smith, made $1.98 million.

Matta has three years remaining on a contract extension signed in 2012, and Smith said the contract would be honored.

Here are revenue and spending figures from 2016 related to OSU’s two biggest sports money-makers and even more eye-popping numbers reported by other institutions:

Total athletics revenue: $169.9 million, second in the nation behind University of Texas' $182.1 million.

Athletic expenses: $151.86 million, second behind University of Texas' $155.28 million.

Football revenue: $86.65 million, ninth in nation. University of Texas brought in the most with $127.47 million.

Football expenses: $37.38 million, sixth in nation. University of Alabama spent the most, $56.21 million.

Men's basketball revenue: $19.87 million, ninth in nation. University of Louisville topped all universities, pulling in $45.63 to nearest competitor, Duke, which brought in $31.03 million.

Men's basketball expenses: $9.14 million, 23rd in nation. The University of Kentucky and University of Louisville spent the most, $18.91 million and $17.9 million respectively.

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