5 things to know about Wright State’s budget and path to financial issues

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Wright State University Budget: 5 things to know

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

On April 7, Wright State University’s interim president Curtis McCray announced an immediate reduction of non-personnel expenses.

Here are five things to know about Wright State’s path to financial troubles:

Eleven budget cuts will go into effect no later than May, according to Jedd Ulliman, vice president for business and finance. They cuts include cutting minor construction projects unless they have a safety need, no purchases or replacement on furniture will take place, all cell phones allowances will be discontinued, and no replacement of computers unless they no longer work.

Wright State trustees are calling for the dismissal of two former WSU administrators who have been on paid leave for nearly two years following a federal investigation.

During fiscal year 2015, the university's chief finance officer referred to the school's finances as "strong" at least three times. This newspaper examined financial data from the university and found that it was losing millions of dollars a year.

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Budget cuts will also include a reduction of faculty and staff. The number of staff members will be far more than faculty members, Ulliman said.

McCray said it is likely some athletic programs, such as the golf team, could get cut. "It's apparently a program where we don't have as many students and if we eliminated the program the impact on Division I status would not be there," McCray stated at the end of March. "We would still have our Division I status."


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