Trustee calls some of Wright State’s job postings ‘a joke’

Wright State University.

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Wright State University.

Wright State University working through an ongoing budget crisis and to do so at times, the university has instituted hiring freezes.

Over the last two years, Wright State administrators have said that they would not fill positions unless they were critical to the school’s operation and mission. They have also said that positions shouldn’t be filled if they are not pertinent to the safety and well being of students.

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Leaving positions vacant has been a major part of the university’s strategy to cut costs this year as revenue from enrollment didn’t pan out and millions in unexpected costs popped up through health care and scholarships and fellowships. Now, the university find’s itself needing to slash around $10 million more by the close of the 2018 fiscal year on June 30.

President Cheryl Schrader told trustees on Wednesday that the administration is “focused on accountability” and on “doing everything we can to reduce any expenditures that are not critical.”

A review of the open positions at Wright State shows that there are 75 positions listed on the university’s jobs website Thursday morning. During a Wednesday board meeting, trustees questioned the university’s current hiring practices and trustee Bruce Langos said that “some of them, as you go down the list are a joke.”

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Listed on the school’s website are research-related jobs and dozens of faculty positions including adjunct positions, assistant professors and instructor jobs. There is also a position for an events and social media coordinator for Wright State Research Institute, an assistant women’s volleyball coach, an assistant general counsel job and a men’s basketball administrative assistant, among others.

A full listing of positions is available on the school's website. This news organization has reached out to Wright State with questions about some of the jobs listed.

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