WATCH: Huge fire at fairgrounds barn leaves devastation for the building

A barn fire at the Darke County Fairgrounds that lit up the sky over Greenville on Thursday night is still under investigation as crews sift through the charred debris left behind.

The fire caused heat damage to multiple barns, including the neighboring Cow Palace barn rebuilt after fire destroyed the earlier version of that structure in 2013.

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"The roof [to the swine barn] is gone and most of the walls have collapsed onto the main floor," Greenville City Fire Chief Russ Thompson said. The destruction is clearly visible in SKY7 drone footage from the scene.

City fire crews initially dispatched just after 9 p.m. could see flames in the distance as they were en route, he said. The response to the fire was escalated once the first crews arrived.

Nine departments -- eight from Darke County and a ladder truck from Piqua -- were dispatched, Chief Thompson said. No injuries were reported and there were no animals inside the barn at the time of the fire.

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