White nationalist threatens to sue Ohio State, UC if they don’t let him speak

An attorney for a well-known white nationalist is threatening to file lawsuits against two area universities if they do not allow him to speak on campus.

A lawyer for Richard Spencer is demanding that Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati agree by Friday to allow Spencer space to speak on campus. Otherwise they will be sued, the Associated Press reports.

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Spencer is known as having been one of the organizers of August’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville that descended into violence.

Last month a Georgia student helping to schedule a campus speaking tour for Spencer requested a date, space and security for the white nationalist to visit each campus.

Ohio State denied the request while UC has been assessing safety and logistical considerations, the AP reports.

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“The university denied a request from the National Policy Institute to rent space on campus in the coming weeks after determining that it is not possible to accommodate this request without substantial risk to public safety,” OSU spokesman Ben Johnson said via email.

Spencer has been denied requests for space to speak at Penn State University, the University of Florida and at Michigan State University.

After Michigan State denied Spencer’s speaking request, his event organizer filed a lawsuit against the school in United States District Court.

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