Workers say Oregon marijuana shop is haunted

Credit: Ethan Miller

Credit: Ethan Miller

Marijuana is considered a hallucinogenic drug by some health experts, but workers at an Oregon shop claim they are not imagining things.

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Some strange things have been going on at Five Zero Trees in Oregon City, leaving employees to suspect the marijuana shop could be haunted, KGW reported.

“It’s like, what's going to happen next?” employee Andy Gomez told the television station.

Gomez said he was working at the counter in August when he said a glass tip jar begin to slowly slide off the edge of a level counter before falling, KGW reported.

“As it happened, I kind of felt like someone was standing next to me like somebody was right here,” Gomez told the television station.

Not long after that, surveillance cameras caught pens moving in a cup on another counter, Gomez said.

Store general manager Samantha Davidson said that the building was once used as a pharmacy.

"I feel like it's the pharmacist because he likes to organize things," Davidson told KGW. "I'll leave it to the ghost hunters."

“Oregon City is a very haunted place,” said Rocky Smith, who owns Haunted Oregon City.

Smith, a paranormal investigator and historian, gives ghost tours in Oregon City and said there are many unexplained incidents in the city.

"The activity that happens in downtown is because of all the rebuilding over the top of old buildings," Smith told KGW. "It's very hard to explain that, so it leaves you with a question of 'what is it that's causing this?'"

“I just hope that the pharmacist is happy we're here,” Davidson told the television station.

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