Dayton bakery giving free bread to workers during government shutdown

There's a way federal workers can get some bread during the partial government shutdown.

They can’t deposit into their bank accounts, but it might do their bellies some good.

The owners of Rahn's Artisan Breads are offering free bread to government workers.

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The company announced on Facebook that its offer of a free loaf of bread, three small pretzels or four bagels is not contingent on whether the employee is receiving a paycheck.

Gina Keucher said she and her husband Rahn were blown away by the response on their Facebook post.

It has received hundreds of likes, shares and comments.

The offer is not about publicity and is meant only as a means of helping local people at their time of need, Gina Keucher said by phone from a hospital room, where she is recovering from an illness.

“I work at Wright State. I couldn't go without my paycheck. We would be ruined,” she said. “It is really about what can we do to help out, and this is what we know we can do.”

The partial federal government shutdown is now in its 19th day.

More than 400 federal employees in the Dayton region have been affected by the shutdown, but it's had little impact on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — the largest single-site employer in the state, according to a recent article by Dayton Daily News reporter Kara Driscoll. 

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Keucher says any federal worker who asks for bread during the shutdown will be given bread.

That sentiment is reflected in the Facebook post.

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“Honor system here, we are not going to ask for proof. We are trying to do a nice thing here, and hope that the spirit of our intentions is understood,” the company posted on its Facebook page. “To answer the next question: even if you work at the IRS or the TSA, you can still get free bread. 😏😏.”

The post says the free bread will be available at Rahn’s stand at 2nd Street Market, 600 E. Second St. in Dayton, during regular hours: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday, Friday and and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

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Rahn Keucher is no stranger to hard work.

He works vampire-like hours, spending 70 to 75 hours a week on his feet over a hot oven in a non-air-conditioned building, according to an Aug. 15 profile published by

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