Oregon District to host comedy and arts festival



An opportunity to bring joy and laughter to the Oregon District around the holidays is in store.

Local comedians Luke Capasso and Karen Jaffe, in conjunction with FUSE, have joined forces with Wiley’s Comedy Club and several area bars and nightclubs to produce a three-day standup comedy and arts festival Dec. 3-5.



“This is a festival we hope to grow slowly each year,” said Capasso, a seven-year veteran of Scotland’s prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in a release. “Edinburgh, and other European comedy festivals, are a lot different than the ones we put on in the States. So, it will be a learning experience not just for the city hosting it but also the attending comics. I’ve long felt Dayton could be a perfect place to hold this type of festival, and that the Edinburgh format would lend itself to allow for a fun experience for the audiences and artists involved.”

“I think it will be great for the city and for our local comics, too,” added Jaffe of Fire When Ready Comedy, in a release. “I love our local comedy scene here in Dayton. A lot of comics are also visual artists, and we want to highlight not just their comedy work, but their other art, too.”

Organizers expect the visual art to be displayed in multiple Fifth Street venues. Local gallery spaces such as Heart Mercantile, Feathers Vintage and 413 Diner have already signed on to display and sell artwork.

In addition, FUSE Fest has accepted comic submissions from throughout the U.S. to perform at a variety of shows in various venues, including, but not limited to, Wiley’s Comedy Club, Yellow Cab Tavern and Oregon Express.

Event brochures will be available throughout Fifth Street in the upcoming weeks.

“Our hope is that this shines a positive light on what we’re doing here in Dayton and it helps both locals and out-of-town artists who want to showcase their talents get some recognition for their work,” Jaffe added.

For more information, visit FUSE Fest on facebook.com.

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