McDonald’s announces return of the ‘Hi-C Orange Lavaburst’ craze

It’s a sweet, sweet drink that many people across the U.S. believe goes perfectly with nuggets or a cheeseburger, and it’s back after a four-year hiatus.

McDonald’s has announced that Hi-C Orange drink will return to restaurants across the country after it was taken off menus in 2017. Fans have petitioned for its return for years.

“To those who have passionately asked for us to bring it back over the years, we’re excited to say we ‘C’ you,” stated a McDonald’s press release on Wednesday, Feb. 10. “Your tweets, DMs and petitions asking for its return gave our social media community manager a LOT of content to choose from for an important menu team meeting this morning … and thanks to you, Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will return to McDonald’s menus this year as a regular soft-drink option.”

The drink is anticipated to be available at McDonald’s everywhere by summer, although select locations could see the drink as soon as this month.

Until the beverage rolls out everywhere, McDonald’s has created a “Hi-C Orange tracker” where customers can use their zip code to check on when their nearest McDonald’s location will get the sweet arrival.

“The loyal fandom of this deliciously fun and fruity beverage that teases your taste buds dates back to 1955, when it first debuted on McDonald’s menus,” according to the release. “The non-carbonated Hi-C Orange Lavaburst drink returns to menus alongside the carbonated Fanta Orange offering, making our legendary orange drink roster once again complete.”

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