Group makes Dayton a mountain biking destination

Tenacious toddlers, adventurous adults and everyone in between, the Miami Valley Mountain Bike Association offers something for mountain biking enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

“There is a perception that mountain biking is all about tricks and jumps,” said Dawn Lofland, MVMBA president. “We have those members, but we have become more of a family-centered organization.”

Trail development and maintenance, advocacy, education and community events are all part of the MVMBA mission. The organization, which regularly sponsors skills clinics and group rides, was an integral part of the development of the Dayton Bike Yard at Welcome Park, partnering with the City of Dayton to create the engaging recreational area.

“As a cycling community of experts, we were part of the design and construction and will be part of the ongoing maintenance and programming,” Lofland said. “We wanted to bring a fun riding experience to Dayton and make it a destination for cyclists.”

Dayton Bike Yard

While the multi-use trail and bicycle playground have been completed, it is just the beginning of the Dayton Bike Yard.

Novice and advanced pump tracks, a singletrack trail, flow trails and dirt jumps will be constructed and likely ready to use in 2022. The variety of amenities will make the bike yard a fun destination for strider-riding youngsters as well as competitive riders.

“It will serve as a gateway for all riders to refine their skills,” Lofland said.

The bike yard will also be an ideal location for MVMBA clinics, events and competitions.

“We provide skills clinics to reduce fear and help people feel more comfortable,” Lofland said. “There are all different types of mountain biking, you just need to find the one that fits you.”

On the trail

Beyond the bike yard, MVMBA’s family focus includes events for youth riders as well as women’s rides.

“For women, in particular, it’s empowering and gives you a sense of freedom,” Lofland said. “It builds confidence and provides a mental escape. When we’re on the trail, we have a moment to ourselves.”

The rides can be good for the body and mind as well as provide opportunities for camaraderie.

Association members do more than get people on the trails; they help to maintain them. Last year alone members logged more than 3,000 volunteer hours doing trail maintenance work.

MVMBA, a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association, works with communities throughout the Miami Valley to create opportunities and venues to grow the sport. And cooler temperatures and shorter days don’t mean an end to riding as the association also hosts events indoors at Mike’s Bike Park.

For more information on the Miami Valley Mountain Bike Association, visit or MVMBA on Facebook and Instagram.

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