Reyna Spears: Dayton area singer rebrands for latest single



Tipp City-based pianist and singer Reyna Spears remains busy with a variety of projects, including Curious Animals and Signs of Life: American Pink Floyd. One of her current focuses is her new solo single, “Lies.”

Spears, who performs with Dana Farley at Moe Harrigan’s Tavern in Kettering on Saturday, Dec. 9, recorded the new single with Patrick Himes at his Reel Love Recording Company in Dayton. She sings and plays keyboards backed by Rob Olsen (guitar), Rob Thaxton (bass) and Brian Hoeflich (drums). The horn section is Gary King (trombone), Michael Bisig (saxophone) and Doug Lane (trumpet). The single was released Oct. 28.

Spears, who released a five-song EP, “Don’t Forget to Love,” in June 2022 simply as Reyna, recently discussed the new single and rebranding her solo work as Reyna Spears.

Q: When did you write this song?

A: Back in 2020. Everything went through life-changing events at that time. People’s perspective changed and mine did too. I just started seeing the world a little bit differently and that’s where that song came from. It’s called ‘Lies’ but it’s nothing too negative but just how things you thought were a certain way before weren’t really that way and everything just changed.

Q: When was “Lies” recorded?

A: I recorded it in January at Reel Love Recording with Patrick Himes. It was fun. It was a great experience. I just (recorded) that one song and we had musicians from the area come play on it. I was very fortunate to have very talented musicians record with me.

Listen to “Lies,” the new single from Reyna Spears:

Q: How was it working with Patrick for the first time?

A: It was great. The energy was wonderful. He’s open to anything creative but he can guide you when you need him to. I told him, “I kind of hear horns in the background of this songs.” He immediately went, “Well, I’ve got a horn section for you.” He made it easy. The musicians came in and knocked out their parts. Everyone was proficient and professional with the time.

Q: What’s the hardest part of this rebrand?

A: When I first started releasing (music), it was under Reyna, just my first name. Once I decided to go by Reyna Spears, I’ve had to change things on all the digital platforms. I’m learning all the different platforms and how to link them so you can track who is listening and where. It’s complicated but I should have all the wrinkles worked out now for my next single next year.

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Who: Reyna Spears and Dana Farley

Where: Moe Harrigan’s Tavern, 4070 Marshall Rd., Kettering

When: 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 9

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