Former Fairborn schools ROTC coordinator indicted on 83 charges

A Greene County grand jury has indicted former Fairborn High School ROTC coordinator Eriks G. Fricsons on 83 total charges after an investigation into an alleged inappropriate relationship with a student.

According to Greene County court records, Fricsons, who is 52, faces 40 counts of sexual battery and 40 counts of pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor or impaired person, as well as two counts of corrupting another with drugs and one of illegal cultivation of marijuana.

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Court records show the 80 sexual battery and pandering sexually oriented material charges come in pairs — one of each, tied to 40 dates between April 2021 and April 2022.

According to the Ohio Revised code, the sexual battery charges listed against Fricsons apply to cases in which “the offender is a teacher, administrator, coach, or other person in authority employed by or serving in a school (and) the other person is enrolled in or attends that school.”

The first of the charges is listed with an “offense date” of April 27, 2021. Then there was a seven-to-eight week gap before the next offense date of June 18.

During that gap, records show that Fairborn City Schools held two separate pre-disciplinary hearings on Fricsons. The May 12, 2021 hearing was “to discuss allegations made against Major Fricsons by a parent,” according to a letter in Fricsons’ personnel file.

Those allegations were that he had transported students in his personal car, fraternized with students at his home, communicated with students on social media on non-school matters, been seen with his arm around students and counseled students who approached him about personal issues.

In a May 19, 2021 letter, Superintendent Gene Lolli said Fricsons violated four school policies, including those on staff ethics and student supervision. Lolli advised Fricsons “not to associate or fraternize with students at any time in a manner that may give the appearance of impropriety.” Lolli also said to “maintain professional staff/student boundaries” and that any further violations could result in disciplinary action.

Then on June 2, the school district placed Fricsons on paid administrative leave.

Allegations against Fricsons this time included posting pictures of female students and recent graduates on his personal Facebook account, some with his arm around the students, according to another letter in his personnel file.

A hearing was held June 10, and on June 23, Fairborn schools administrators issued a written warning to Fricsons for violating the same four school policies on staff ethics, student supervision and welfare, and two technology policies.

“It is a concern that after (the May 2021 hearing process), you chose to post pictures of students with your arm around them in a public format when this could be alleged to show fraternizing and impropriety,” Lolli’s June 23 letter says.

Again there was a warning of stricter discipline if Fricsons committed further violations.

But that same day, June 23, the district notified Fricsons he was cleared to return to work.

The court indictments charge Fricsons with committing felony sexual battery for the second time on June 18, between his second school pre-disciplinary hearing and the district clearing him to return to work. The offense dates listed in the charges then become much more frequent in July and August.

Fricsons was arrested earlier this month after a Fairborn police investigation into the alleged inappropriate relationship. At the time, he also resigned from the school district.

His next court appearance is not known.