Donnie Baker: The dual life of Ron Sexton


Who: Donnie Baker & the Pork Pistols

Where: Wiley’s Comedy Niteclub, 101 Pine St., Dayton

When: 8 and 10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Aug. 24 and 25

Cost: $20

More info: (937) 224-JOKE (5653) or

Artist info:

Ron Sexton was living a dual life.

The comedian — who performs at Wiley’s Comedy Niteclub on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 24 and 25 — was a 10-year stand-up veteran, but was best known for his day job doing character work on “The Bob & Tom Show.”

The Florida-based Indiana native has been an integral part of the popular radio program since 2005 as the voice of rascally redneck Donnie Baker; aging good old boy, Floyd the Trucker; and hyperactive traveling salesman Kenny Tarmac.

The recurring characters never crossed over into his nightclub act until 2007 when comedian and friend Greg Hahn pointed out the missed opportunity with the listener favorites.

“When I started doing Donnie on stage, I only had about 25 minutes of material but I wanted to be able to do a full show,” Sexton said. “That’s how the Pork Pistols came along. With the band I could stretch that to well over an hour. It took off right away.”

After six years of touring strictly as his best-known on-air alter-ego, Sexton expanded the show in 2011 to include Floyd the Trucker and Kenny Tarmac.

“It was going well but you settle into a routine so I had to create the next mold, which was adding Floyd and Kenny,” Sexton said. “That worked for me. I like to be able to do a full show. I love it because I’m getting a chance to branch out and bring some different characters I do on the air to the stage.

“I can open for myself and still be able to finish the show,” he added. “It’s going over really well.”

For Wiley’s, however, he’s bringing the band for a full night of Donnie.

“It’s always fun doing Pork Pistols shows,” Sexton said. “I don’t know if anything has been more enjoyable than pretending to be a bad rock star. It’s always a blast.”

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