Health Inspections: T.G.I. Friday’s

Address: 2022 Miamisburg-Centerville Road, Centerville

Date of inspection: July 26

Violations: Observed multiple foods, inside salad prep cooler and grill cooler, being held cold above 41F. Ensure foods are held cold at or below 41F in order to limit the growth of bacteria.

- Blue cheese- CH- 48.0F- PIC moved into another working cooler

- Salad greens- CH- 49.5F- PIC voluntarily discarded 2 small pans

- Black bean burger- CH- 48.0F- PIC voluntarily discarded three burgers

- Raw steak- CS- 46.0F- Staff moved steaks into another working cooler

PIC was informed to ensure no foods are stored in each cooler until they can hold foods cold at or below 41F.

Observed multiple food contact surfaces with build-up of food residue. Ensure food contact surfaces are broken down (if needed), washed, rinsed, and sanitized after each use or every 4 hours, if they are used throughout hours of operation, in order to prevent contamination.

- Onion slicer

- Salad spinner

- White cutting board

- Plates on storage rack

Observed multiple soda fountain nozzles with build-up of food residue. Ensure soda nozzles are washed, rinsed, and sanitized more frequently so that build-up and contamination is prevented.

- Soda nozzles near service bar

Observed handsink, at bar, not supplied with soap. Ensure all handsinks are supplied with soap, hot water (minimum of 100.0F), and paper towels in order for proper handwashing to occur preventing the spread of contamination.

Observed build-up of food residue under and behind fryers on grill line. Ensure floors are cleaned more frequently and maintained so that they are free of build-up.

Comments: At time of inspection, multiple flying pests were observed throughout facility. PIC explained that they are currently working with a licensed pest control operator for aid in removal of pests. PIC was informed to ensure all surface are cleaned and maintained clean, all cracks and crevices are sealed, and all garbage is properly discarded.

PIC was informed to ensure all single service items, dishes, and utensils are stored a minimum of 6 inches off of floors.

Observed acceptable levels of quaternary ammonia sanitizer in sanitizer buckets and chlorine bleach in chemical sanitizing dish machine.

A re-inspection shall occur 08/02/2017 or thereafter.

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