Health Inspections: Indian Chat Cafe

Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED
Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED

Address: 984 Miamisburg-Centerville Road, Centerville

Date of inspection: July 12

Violations: Observed improper food storage in coolers. Ensure foods are properly stored in order to prevent cross-contamination.

- Raw fish and shrimp over ready-to-eat foods inside reach-in cooler near rice steamer

- Raw chicken over cooked chicken in large reach-in cooler (cooler number 6).

Foods shall be stored as follows:

- Ready-to-eat foods (TOP)

- Seafoods

- Whole muscle meats (steaks, loins, roasts)

- Ground meats

- Raw chicken (BOTTOM)

Observed multiple foods, in large reach-in cooler, being held cold above 41F. Ensure foods are held cold at or below 41F in order to limit the growth of bacteria.

- Cooked chicken and sauce- CH- 46.5F- PIC voluntarily discarded 4 large containers.

- Tomato paste- CH- 48.0F- PIC voluntarily discarded 1 medium sized container

- Cooked potato and peas- CH- 51.0F and 46.0F- PIC informed he had each out preparing samosas (dumplings)- PIC placed each in freezer

- Milk- CH- 52.0F- PIC purchased 20 gallons of milk 1.5 hours before inspection- PIC was informed to place each in another working cooler or freezer.

PIC was informed to ensure all perishable foods are removed from cooler and to contact maintenance for possible repair of cooler. Ambient air temperature of cooler was observed at 63.3 F.

Observed cooler for door gaskets, on prep cooler number 1 and reach-in cooler number 4, in disrepair. Ensure each are replaced so that they are intact, smooth, and easily cleanable.

Observed shelf, under microwaves, and bottom section of blender, with build-up of food residue. Ensure each are cleaned more frequently and maintained so that they are free of build-up.

Comments: A re-inspection shall occur 07/19/2016 or thereafter.