Health Inspections: McDonald’s

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Address: 1645 N. Detroit St., Xenia

Date of inspection: June 6

Violations: Found damp cloths not properly stored in sanitizer. PIC corrected.

Found pop box connected to the syrup lines stored on the floor. All food shall be stored 6 inches up off the floor. PIC corrected.

Found sliced tomatoes not date marked with a 7 day or less use by date. PIC corrected. Found date marks on the frappe containers indicating the mix expired prior to today. PIC stated the bag itself shall be labeled, not the basket. PIC corrected and removed the old date mark sticker on the basket. Found salads stored in the walkin that were to expire at 10:30 a.m. today. PIC voluntarily discarded.

Found the facility had not time stamped the cooked bacon per requirement to assure it does not go past the allowed time frame. PIC discussed with employee on when the bacon was prepared and corrected the time stamp. Found the white cheddar cheese was time stamped with a 4 hour use by time when procedure states to utilize 2 hours. PIC corrected time stamp.

Found several chipped and cracked hot holding pans and lids to food cambros. PIC has new ones on order and will discard all cracked and chipped units to prevent contamination.

Found the interior to the freezer by the grill in need of being cleaned of food debris. Found the interior to the prep refrigerator in need of cleaning. Found utensils from breakfast still stored over the egg station. All utensils not stored in food must be washed/rinsed/sanitized every 4 hours or less. PIC sent the utensils to the dish machine. Found in use dishware with date mark stickers not removed and adhesive visible where bacteria could contaminate. Found a clean dish on the clean rack soiled with food debris. Pic sent the dishware to the dish machine.

Found the exterior to the seasoning shaker soiled with grease and food buildup. PIC sent to the dish machine. Found the spill trays and fronts to shake and beverage machines soiled with drink mix. Assure these are cleaned on a more frequent basis to prevent buildup. Clean the top to the ice machine on a more frequent basis to prevent drippage from entering the ice.

Found a heavily soiled oven mitt stored by the grill. Once these become soiled, they shall either be washed to remove food debris or replaced. PIC discarded.

Found the walls adjacent to the 3 compartment sink loose, coving missing and mold growth on the wall behind the wall board. Water was pooling and collecting along the floor to wall interface. Remove wall board and any mold along this wall. Replace with a cleanable surface and repair coving and seal to assure to cracks or gaps are present to prevent moisture from entering.

Found several areas in the facility where tile/coving was missing or cracked and chipped. Repair all coving to provide a tight seal.

Repair the kick plate to the prep table refrigeration unit. Repair the interior to the freezer door that is loose and the trim piece around the freezer door to provide a tight seal. If this is bent beyond repair, order a new door. Replace the 2 broken air curtains to the walkins.

Found the shed in need of being cleaned to remove cobwebs, insects and dust. Found the floor around the water heater in need of cleaning to remove dead insects and keep floor drain clean. Found the floors under all equipment in the front line need removed and the floors and coving cleaned to remove dirt accumulation. This will help with visible drain flies seen in the facility. Found the floors in the womens restroom in need of more thorough cleaning.

Found a wet mop stored in the bottom of the mop sink basin. PIC corrected, rung out and stored properly.

Found a toilet in disrepair in the ladies room. PIC has part ordered. Found a handsink in the grill line area soiled with food splash. Handsinks may only be used to wash hands and shall be kept clean.

Facility has not been logging the required times and temperatures for the heat treat dispensing unit. This shall be logged and maintained daily.

Comments: Received a complaint that a customer received a dead spider in the box that held their 20 piece chicken nuggets.

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