Health Inspections: Rip Rap Roadhouse

Restaurant inspections
Restaurant inspections

Address: 6024 Rip Rap Road, Dayton

Date of inspection: July 18

Violations: Raw chicken at the pizza make area at 48F around 1:45 PM. Chicken had been at the cooler since around 10 AM. Meatloaf in pan under the lid of the make table at 52F around 1:45 PM. Temperature controlled for safety foods need to be cold held at 41F or below to prevent the growth of pathogens. Refrigerator unit adjusted lower during the inspection. Chicken referenced above disposed of voluntarily by the person in charge and replaced with chicken from the walk in refrigerator. Meatloaf moved to inside the refrigerated unit. Corrected.

Nozzles at both drink stations have some build up of debris. Ice machine at the middle bar has build up of debris on the baffle inside the ice bin. Clean the above and then as needed to prevent the build up of debris.

Spray bottle of degreaser being stored on top of the dishwashing machine. Store chemicals in an area that prevents possible contamination of food or food contact surfaces. Moved the spray bottle to the floor and corrected during the inspection.

Comments: Will need at least one employee with level two certification from the Ohio Dept of Health. Manager has Servsafe training. May be eligible for reciprocity of the level two certification. Can contact Ohio Dept of Health food division or search for the reciprocity form.

Preparation sink is not in active use at the time of the inspection. Becoming space to store various items.