FGL’s Brian Kelley Offers Reward For Arrest Of People Who Vandalized His Store

The guys of Florida Georgia Line are very creative people. They are full of ambition and are creating an empire together, and separately. They have opened one FGL House Bar/Restaurant together, and in the process of opening a second. Together, they also have Tree Vibez Music, which is a recording studio and Old Camp Whiskey. Brian Kelley and his wife own Tribe Kelly Trading/Surf Post (Trading post is in Nashville Surf Post is in Florida). Plus, they have their music. All of this falls under what they just opened called the creative compund. They also announced the opening of a new event venue in Nashville called Meet + Greet.

Last week, the guys had a launch party for the creative compound, which is located next to Tribe Kelley Trading Post in Nashville, and that same night, 4 people decided to vandalize the Tribe Kelley Tee Pee that is out in front of the store. The vandals were caught on the security camera. So, Brian and his wife Brittney Kelley have put out a$5,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest of these 4 vandals... See the post below.

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