Kelce brothers surprised with commencement ceremony at local ‘New Heights’ live show

CINCINNATI — As Jason and Travis Kelce began wrapping up a night full of surprises at Fifth Third Arena, the two got their own surprise from the university they rep so hard.

Neither brother, the audience at the “New Heights” live show learned, got the chance to walk across the stage and grab their diploma when they graduated from UC.

Finally, with their family and thousands of fans watching, the Kelces participated in their commencement ceremony.

Travis Kelce said he wanted to walk but couldn’t after he lost the helmet the school said he had to return in order to graduate. UC presented him with what he said was the exact same helmet so that he could finally graduate.

The younger Kelce was also tasked with being the impromptu commencement speaker, appearing to get a little emotional as he wore a full cap and gown.

“To all my fellow students ... before we make this thing official, I thought I’d give you guys some advice,” Travis said before quoting the Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right.” “You gotta fight. For your right. To PAAAAAAARTY!”

In typical Travis fashion, before being handed his diploma, the 34-year-old chugged the beer he was holding.

His big brother Jason, wearing shorts and a sleeveless vest under his cap and gown, didn’t say anything while receiving his diploma — only smiling big and posing for pictures alongside school officials.

“This is a night to remember,” Jason yelled as the two thanked the crowd at the end of the show.

The Kelces finished their night by telling the audience they hope to return to Cincinnati next year for another live show.

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