Timothy’s ‘Rocky Horror Show’ a Dayton tradition spanning more than a decade

Babies, don’t you panic. The “Sweet Transvestite” and his kooky cronies are back as Dayton’s Annual Transylvanian Convention stages its 10th anniversary presentation of Richard O’Brien’s 1973 cult classic rock musical “The Rocky Horror Show” Nov. 7-10 at Timothy’s Bar on Brown Street.

Here are five reasons why you should spend time this week with Frank and Co.

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In 2008, this labor of love was set in motion by Darren Brown, a 2009 University of Dayton graduate who recently received his M.F.A.in acting from the University of Connecticut.

A longtime “Rocky Horror” fan, Brown felt the urge to bring his favorite show to Dayton in some capacity having been a part of a student production during his brief time at Ohio University.

“I really felt UD needed this show and Tim’s was a dive bar with a stripper pole,” Brown exclaimed. “The first year was like ‘garage band theater.’ We did everything from the ground up. We put in the sweat equity. We did all we could to make it happen, and it was a huge success. Ten years later, I’m glad this show has become a staple in the UD community. The spirit of the show and the community within the troupe and the greater Dayton area all of us had hoped to foster 10 years ago is still there and still thriving.”


O’Brien’s silly and risqué sci-fi romp tells the tale of Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, straight-laced sweethearts who stumble upon the castle of mad scientist Dr. Frank N. Furter.

As the duo tries to cope within their strange surroundings, Frank (fixated on creating life, which arises in the form of the hunky Rocky) and his followers take them on an unforgettable journey.

The timeless score features the exuberantly iconic “Time Warp” in addition to terrific ballads such as “Science Fiction Double Feature,” “Over at the Frankenstein Place” and “Super Heroes.”

“I really feel this production is one of the best productions of ‘Rocky Horror’ in the region,” said Brown, who serves as producer. “We try to capture the spirit of both “Rocky Horror Show’ and ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show.’ I love this ‘Rocky’ hybrid we’ve created. ‘Rocky Horror’ overall is a modern masterpiece.”


The fun of any “Rocky Horror” experience is the audience participatory “callbacks,” allowing the audience to interject throughout the evening. Brown doesn’t want you to hold back.

“My biggest passion about ‘Rocky Horror’ is community,” he said. “The most culturally accepted taboo in America is ‘Rocky Horror.’ You can shout terrible, derogatory things and nobody cares. There is no censorship here. ‘Rocky Horror’ is a completely inclusive community. Just show up and whoever you are and whoever you want to be is accepted.”


What: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" hosted by Dayton's annual Transylvanian Convention

When: Nov. 7-10; 9 p.m. Wednesday-Friday. Doors open at 8:30 p.m.

Where: Timothy's Bar, 1818 Brown St., Dayton

FYI: Must be 18 or older to attend; Must be 21 or older to drink

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