1 crash, OVI arrest near Thursday night checkpoints in Dayton

Credit: Jim Noelker

Credit: Jim Noelker

One driver was arrested for OVI following a head-on crash Thursday night near a sobriety checkpoint in Dayton.

The Combined Agency OVI Task Force of Montgomery County operated two checkpoints between 6:30 and 11:30 p.m. Thursday. The first was in the area of North James H. McGee Boulevard at North Gettysburg Avenue, and the second was in the area of South Keowee Street at East Fifth Street.

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According to a release, at the North James H. McGee Boulevard, 378 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, 39 of which were diverted.

Of those 39, 16 were cited for not having a driver’s license, 11 were cited for suspended licenses, and three were tested for OVI, although no OVI arrests were made.

Extra patrols around the James H. McGee Boulevard checkpoint stopped a further eight vehicles, issuing two seatbelt citations, one for having no driver’s license and one for driving under a suspended license.

At the South Keowee Street checkpoint, law enforcement saw 228 vehicles pass through, 40 of which were diverted.

Law enforcement issued four citations for having no driver’s license, two citations for adult seatbelts, one for child seatbelts, one citation for having a suspended license and two other citations. One person was checked for OVI but there were no OVI arrests.

Patrols around the South Keowee Street checkpoint saw one crash and made one OVI arrest. They also made four traffic stops and issued two citations for seatbelts, two warnings, and one citation each for having a suspended license, having no driver’s license and one other offense.

Ohio law requires law enforcement agencies to announce times and locations of OVI checkpoints ahead of time.

The OVI checkpoints and enhanced patrols around St. Patrick’s Day are an effort to deter and apprehend impaired drivers. The majority of the deadliest crashes occur at the start and throughout holiday weekends, according to the task force.

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