Dayton police: Suspect fired shot as detectives got out of cruiser

Detectives were investigating shooting of 17-year-old boy 90 minutes earlier.

A suspect fired a gun at detectives Wednesday as they got out of a cruiser while investigating another shooting that injured a 17-year-old boy.

Detectives responded at 1:45 p.m. to the 100 block of Lexington Avenue Wednesday afternoon after witnesses at a shooting in the 1200 block of Kumler Avenue said the suspects ran to a house on Lexington Avenue, said Dayton police Lt. Col. Matt Carper, deputy director and assistant chief of police during a press briefing on the officer-involved shooting.

The press conference began at 4 p.m. and was streamed live at

“Over the past weeks multiple individuals divided roughly into two groups have been associated with multiple felonious assaults, shootings into habitations and one homicide,” Carper said.

The most recent shooting was that of a 17-year-old boy who was taken to Miami Valley Hospital in critical condition following the shooting reported around 12:10 p.m. Wednesday on Kumler Avenue. There were 10 shots fired in the area, with the teen shot twice. He is now listed in stable condition. The teen said he was chased by several people with guns and identified his shooter as Jaydun Dewberry, for whom there is a broadcast for his arrest for felonious assault, Carper said.

The Thursday afternoon SWAT standoff in the 200 block of Lexington Avenue also is connected to the two shootings. Police could be heard calling on a loudspeaker for someone with the last name Dewberry to come outside.

When detectives responded Wednesday to 135 Lexington Ave., they saw with four people sitting on a porch, including a person who matched the description of the shooting suspect.

“The detectives were readily identifiable with Dayton police vests and badges. As they were exiting the vehicle, two suspects from the front porch began to flee on foot towards the rear of the residence,” Carper said.

One detective began to pursue the suspects who ran from the porch and the other two detectives were going to approach the people on the porch.

“As the two detectives were exiting the car they each heard a gunshot and observed a muzzle flash from a subject on the front porch. The two detectives fired their weapons in self-defense, striking Jarius Wood in the legs,” Carper said.

Police applied tourniquets to both legs before medics took him to the hospital with injuries described as not life-threatening.

A gunshot detection device recorded four shots fired, Carper said during the press conference.

Police recovered three weapons from the porch and a 9mm shell casing. Wood had a 9mm handgun at his feet and a holstered .40 caliber handgun and another gun was found lying on the porch.

The detectives who fired shots were Matthew Gray, who fired two rounds, and Angela Woody, who fired one round, Carper said. They were placed on administrative leave, which is standard policy.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will conduct the criminal investigation, and Dayton’s professional standards bureau will handle the administrative investigation.

Time line

12:10 p.m.: Regional Dispatch Center received a call of a male saying he had been shot.

12:10 p.m.: ShotSpotter Alert at 1258 Kumler Ave., the lame location

12:13 p.m. Regional Dispatch Center received a second call from a citizen on Catalpa stating a male running down the street shooting

12:14 p.m.: DPD crews begin to arrive on scene and started searching for the victim and suspects

12:15 p.m.: Regional Dispatch Center receives a third call. The caller identified the shooter as wearing black pants and white shirt. Stated he heard someone saying he was shot. Gave descriptions for several of the subjects.

12:15 p.m. The shooting victim was found and medics were cleared to enter the scene.

12:15-1:44 p.m.: Officers and detectives investigate the scene on Kumler and interview witnesses. Detectives were directed to Lexington Avenue where suspects were found.

1:45:59 p.m.: Detectives arrive at 135 Lexington Ave.

1:46:04 p.m.: Suspects flee from the front porch

1:46:09 p.m.: A shot was fired from the porch and detectives return fire

1:48: Regional Dispatch Center receives a shots fired call

1:51 p.m. Medics called to scene

1:53:36 p.m.: Tourniquets were applied to Jarius Woods

1:53:42 p.m.: Medics cleared to enter the scene

2:01 p.m.: Medics arrive on scene

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