Female major achieves a first for Riverside Police Department

Credit: FILE

Credit: FILE

RIVERSIDE — Police in Riverside have their first female major, the highest rank achieved by a woman in that department.

Maj. Angela Jackson has been elevated to department’s second highest rank. After joining the Riverside department as an officer in 2001, she had been a patrol sergeant about for six years and earned two criminal justice degrees, according to the city.

The higher education was a factor in the 1988 Brookville High School grad’s latest advancement and “she’s a veteran,” Riverside Police Chief Frank Robinson said.

“Bigger than that is the respect she has not only in the community, but also within the department as well with her peers,” he added. “So, it made her the perfect choice.”

Jackson replaced Adam Colon, who was with the department for more than a decade before becoming Franklin’s police chief. She and Matthew Sturgeon are the only two majors in the RPD.

Jackson’s promotion is “a milestone for any organization really, but especially us,” Riverside City Manager Joshua Rauch said. “We are obviously all about attracting and retaining and promoting the most qualified and talented individuals we can.

“Maj. Jackson has been a huge asset to this organization,” he added. “She does a great job, is really invested in the community and I think she’s going to prove to be a real asset going forward in this new role as well.”

Jackson is now commander of the road patrol division and is responsible for four shifts of officers supervised by a sergeant, according to the department.

“When I started 20 years ago, I fell in love with working out on the streets, assisting the community and bonding with the citizens of Riverside,” Jackson said in an email.

“I never imagined that it would lead me on the path of being a major,” she added. “Once I was well established and training new officers, I found an interest not only in assisting the community, but my fellow officers.”

Jackson graduated from the police academy at Sinclair Community College before joining Riverside. She later earned a criminal justice degree from Indiana University East and a master’s from Tiffin University in criminal justice administration.

The decision to seek advancement within the department “was not easy because I knew my daily dynamics of being on the road would change, and that was my passion,” Jackson said.

“I’m still learning how to balance administrative duties and my drive to be on the street,” she added, “but I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

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