Greenewood Manor empty of residents, bed licenses sold to Westerville company for $1M

Greene County commissioners approved Thursday selling 85 licenses for nursing home beds from Greenewood Manor for about $1.06 million to Westerville-based Laurel Health Care Co.

Laurel Health Care will pay $12,500 for each license. The sale didn’t include the building and it’s not clear what the county will do with it.

The county has announced the publicly owned nursing home would close at the end of July and says the nursing home became “too small for economical and efficient operation,” according to a previous resolution.

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The manor is located at 711 Dayton-Xenia Road in Xenia. No one is currently living in the nursing facility anymore, said Greene County Administrator Brandon Huddleson. A handful of people are still working there.

Greene County Commissioner Rick Perales asked why only one bid was received for the bed licenses.

The beds are now only certified by Medicare, not Medicaid, which Huddleson said led to fewer bids.

“We were so efficient at moving folks out of the nursing home and ran into a little snag with Medicaid,” Huddleson said.

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He said the county did not realize they would lose the Medicaid certification with the residents who were on the public insurance program for low income and disabled people gone from the building.

Huddleson said the manor only started losing money after COVID-19 hit. After a year, the nursing home had lost about $350,000. Prior to the pandemic, about 50 residents lived in the nursing home.

While nearly every county had a county-run nursing home at one time, Greene County was one of only a few left. Huddleson said there are about 16 nursing homes owned by counties in Ohio still operating.

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