High demand at Austin Business Park

MIAMISBURG — A 60,000-square-foot build-to-suit office warehouse will be added to Austin Business Park on Byers Road in Miamisburg.

Developed by BW Partners Ltd., a joint venture partnership between Mark Fornes Realty Inc. and Construction Managers of Ohio, the warehouse will be the fifth building on Austin Business Park’s 80-acre development, according to Dayton Development Coalition.

The project is a result of the collaborative efforts between BW Partners, DDC, the city of Miamisburg and JobsOhio, with the latter approving an Ohio Site Inventory Program (OSIP) grant, according to DDC.

“The demand for this type development is high due to the lack of current available industrial space in the South Dayton market,” Jason Rudzinski, Mark Fornes Realty’s senior vice president and partner, said in a release. “We appreciate JobsOhio and the forward-thinking of their Ohio Site Inventory Program, which helped put our plan into action.”

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OSIP offers grants and low-interest loans to support speculative site and building development projects with no identified end user, DDC said. The primary goal of OSIP is to fill gaps in Ohio’s real estate inventory with real estate targeting near-term sector wins to ensure our state is more competitive for reactive site selection projects.

Located off the Austin Road Interchange, Austin Business Park is accessible to Interstates 75 and 675 and numerous amenities at the Austin Interchange and Dayton Mall area. The business park has the capacity and available land to accommodate up to an additional 480,000 square feet of light industrial space.

Miamisburg Planning Commission approved a site plan for the new project in January 2021 and construction launched in June 2022, according to Miamisburg Development Director Chris Fine.

Austin Business Park has been “a tremendous success for the developer and the city,” Fine told Dayton Daily News on Thursday.

“High-quality, flexible spaces seem to be attractive in the market place as evidenced by the success we’ve seen along Byers Road,” he said.

The business park’s four buildings are nearly full with tenants, Fine said.

“Some of those business are longtime Miamisburg businesses who needed to expand there operations and found a new home along Byers Road,” he said. “Most of the businesses are new to the City and have brought new jobs to the community.”

Fine said Austin Business Park is located in the part of Miamisburg that is seeing the most growth from an economic development perspective.

“The city, through our zoning and land use policies and our investments in infrastructure, has set the stage for Byers Road to be a significant area for new jobs and businesses in the city,” he said. “Austin Business Park is proof that those strategies are paying off.”

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Austin Business Park is one of the fastest growing and most desired business areas in Southwest Ohio because of its bustling office, retail and light industrial markets, according to Julie Sullivan, DDC’s executive vice president of regional development.

“This type of product has supported growth in the region’s target industry sectors, including fast-growing science and technology companies and research and development operations,” Sullivan said in a release.

JobsOhio President and CEO J.P. Nauseef said Austin Business Park has been “a magnet for investment in Southwest Ohio.”

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