How to make treats like the old Dafler Pharmacy soda fountain in Dayton

Dafler Pharmacy was a family-owned drugstore with a soda fountain and candy counter at the southeast corner of East Third and Terry streets from 1932 until 1995.

In a 1992 Dayton Daily News story, pharmacist Duane Dafler said, “We are the last of a vanishing breed. We are the only old-time drug store left in the city of Dayton with a working soda fountain. It quite honestly is unique. Adds to the charm of the place.”

Nectar sodas, made from a (still to this day) secret recipe, were the house specialty.


1 ounce syrup (your choice of flavor)

4 hand dips vanilla Ice cream

1½ ounces milk

2 tablespoons malt powder

Mix ingredients in blender. Blend on slow speed for several minutes, or until creamy (home malt mixers take a little longer than blenders). Pour into glass. Makes approximately 12 ounces.


1 ounce cherry syrup (other flavors may be used)

Scoop crushed ice

2 to 4 drops 10 percent phosphoric acid solution

Club soda

In a 6-ounce glass, place syrup and ice. Add solution to taste (the more solution, the more sourness in the drink). Fill glass with club soda. Stir well.


2 dips vanilla ice cream

Chocolate syrup

Spanish peanuts

Place ice cream in dish. Cover with syrup. Top with peanuts.


1 ounce chocolate syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla ice cream

Club soda

2 large dips vanilla ice cream

In a tall (12-ounce) glass, mix syrup and teaspoon of ice cream until the ice cream melts.

This makes the syrup colder and creamier. Add club soda to the halfway mark. Add remaining ice cream. Fill glass with club soda. Stir well to create a head on the soda.

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