Israel-based drone company to launch Dayton area manufacturing center

Israel-based Strix Drones is bringing manufacturing of the first autonomous drone docking station to the Dayton region.

The company’s new facility in Washington Twp. off Yankee Street in the RAM Precision complex will house U.S. production of a new docking station that Montgomery County officials say will extend the reach of drone technology.

Founded in Israel in 2019, Strix Drones is an industrial company that manufactures drone docking stations. Applications for the stations include emergency response, security, mapping, mining, inspection, gas and oil lines and sensitive infrastructure. Using drones, it develops generic housing capsules and operating software. Its software is AI-driven which provide the real-time mapping.

The company is headquartered in Hod Hasharon, Israel and has an office in Miami, Florida.

“We are excited to bring manufacturing to the Dayton region,” Strix Drones founder and CEO Niv Aharoni said in a statement. “Our autonomous docking stations will expand the reach of drone technology for many fields, allowing drone capabilities to stay ahead of advances in battery technology.”

Dayton Regional Israel Trade Alliance (DRITA), a coalition between Montgomery County, the City of Dayton, and the Dayton Development Coalition is helping Strix Drones navigate their move into the Dayton region. Since 2010, DRITA has worked to find local opportunities for Israeli companies, as well as help Dayton-area companies expand internationally into Israel.

“Strix Drones is a perfect match for our region,” Montgomery County Commission President Carolyn Rice said in a statement. “Our area is at the forefront of drone technology. With resources like Sinclair’s National UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Training and Certification Center and the proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and several airfields, we are poised to be an epicenter of innovation in this field.”

Sinclair’s UAS Training and Certification Center is a major driver of the local UAS industry, with customized training and applied research and development in UAS technologies, officials said.

“Welcoming Strix Drones is another milestone in the growth of unmanned aerial systems in the Dayton region and further strengthens our standing as a global leader in aviation and UAS technology,” Sinclair Community College President Steve Johnson said. “This is a tremendous opportunity for Sinclair and the Dayton region to leverage our UAS knowledge and capabilities to create jobs and build partnerships.”

Aharoni, Johnson and Rice will speak at an event at Sinclair on Monday announcing the new manufacturing facility. That will be followed by Strix Drones demonstrating the capabilities of its drone docking station. which features smart charging and can integrate with any drone model. The docking stations can extend a drone fleet’s range significantly, officials said.

“We’re looking forward to the demonstration on Monday,” Washington Twp. spokeswoman Kate Trangenstein told this news outlet Friday. “This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the township and our region.”

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