Local business makes over 10K official Cincinnati Bengals championship T-shirts

After the Cincinnati Bengals won the AFC Championship game on Sunday, a local garment company got to work printing over 10,000 official T-shirts.

Titan Graphics, at 2725 Needmore Road in Harrison Twp., is one of the only printers in the state authorized by the NFL to print the locker room T-shirt graphic after the game.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and his teammates wore the same shirt on the field and in the locker room following their win against the Kansas City Chiefs.

“When the players in the locker room are holding up the shirts and wearing them on the field, the graphic that we have here is that same exact graphic,” said Bob Thomas, Titan Graphics VP of operations.

Over the years, Titan Graphics also has printed shirts for the NBA, NHL and collegiate teams, turning sports wins into wins for the local economy.

The night of the playoffs the graphics already are prepared and the merchandise already received by the Harrison Twp. company.

The machines get set up. The crews are on site. And then the game ends.

“Then we physically turn on the machines and start printing the merchandise and overnight we produce 10,000 shirts,” Thomas said.

He said it took about 12 hours to print the Bengals shirts, and then had some additional work to do at the tail end such as pack the right number of sizes together.

“And then the final truck left about 10 o’clock,” he said.

The official NFL shirts can be bought at bengals.com or fanatics.com.

The Cincinnati Bengals are now Super Bowl bound after unseating the two-time defending AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

The locally made T-shirts are another example of how the championships and Super Bowl have been translating not just to fan celebration but also economic impact.

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