Lucky find: Local landscaping business owner finds 5-leaf clover

Credit: Roger Shoemaker

Credit: Roger Shoemaker

A Springboro small business owner received a lucky spring surprise: a five leaf clover.

Roger Shoemaker, 25, who owns The Yard Picasso, a local lawn and landscaping company, said that he was doing an evaluation for a potential client in Bellbrook when he looked down and saw the clover.

His first thought was “That doesn’t look normal,” he said, and thought that it was a four-leaf clover until he picked it up.

“What are the odds?” he said.

Shoemaker said that he showed the clover to his friends, who were astonished by the find.

He added that finding clovers like that is a rare occurrence, and he had only found one four-leaf clover during his first year as a landscaper.

Shoemaker said he plans to keep it and will be pressing it in a book to preserve it.

Shoemaker said that his landscaping business was founded by his father, and sold to him earlier this year.

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