Miami Twp. police give awards, focus on servant leadership

The Miami Twp. Police Department recently honored more than 30 people for meritorious service, awards of excellence and other recognition at an awards banquet.

The ceremony in the gym of Moraine Heights Baptist Church on Oct. 17 honored the township’s officers for their dedication to the community, according to Miami Twp. Police Chief Charlie Stiegelmeyer, who implemented the awards program in 2019 when he became chief.

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Stiegelmeyer said he does the awards program as part of a focus on servant leadership that he stresses to employees.

“Servant leadership means giving back to the those you serve. I feel it is very important to recognize your employees for the work they do and to let them know they are truly appreciated,” he said. “Second, the awards program also recognizes those in the community who support the police and help foster police/community relationships, which is also part of servant leadership.”

Award recipients included:

  • Medal of Valor: Scott Miller, William Olinger, Austin Snowden, Josh Samples
  • Distinguished Service Award: Jordan West, William Olinger, Kory Caldwell, Eric Wooddell, Scott Snell, Austin Snowden
  • Employee of the Year: Todd Comer, Scott Miller
  • Meritorious Service Award: Dan Wessling, Danielle Schweickart, Ben Albert, Leah O’Malley, Matthew Barrie, Paul Nienhaus, Bill Jones, Kory Caldwell, William Olinger, Crystal Rankins
  • Letter of Recognition: Bobby Johnson, Alex Brennaman, Jordan West, Craig Sanders
  • Chief’s Award of Excellence (department): Patrick Dell’Aria, Scott Cronin, Jason Johnston, Betty Eldridge, Bob Sakal
  • Chief’s Award of Excellence (civilian): Surjit Mattu, Jill Drury, Amy Zahora, Danniele Simon, Mel King, Wesley Bocock
  • Nightstick recipients: Kurtis Green, Mike Holtrup, Austin Snowden
  • Safe Driving Award: John Magill, Craig Sanders
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Added this year was the Meritorious Service Award, an award for pioneering ideas, innovative programs or extraordinary police work, according to Stiegelmeyer.

The Medal of Valor award can be for an action by a group or an individual, he said.

Night Stick recipients are sworn members of the department who received their police baton, Stiegelmeyer said. The baton is an issued piece of equipment for all Miami Twp. police officers.

“What makes this special are these batons are custom-made for each officer and engraved with their name, badge number and the department patch,” Stiegelmeyer said.

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