Prosecutors consider charges in Kettering Fairmont school shooting threat



Criminal charges of making false alarms are being sought against a Kettering Fairmont High School student officials said admitted to making a shooting threat on campus.

The Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing the first-degree misdemeanor recommendation from Kettering police in the Oct. 18 incident involving a 17-year-old female, said Kelly Madzey, the office’s juvenile division chief.

The referral was received Wednesday and the review may conclude this week, she said.

“I’ll review them decide what charges are appropriate and initiate a complaint,” Madzey said.

The threat also involved an investigation by Oakwood police after a parent there saw it on social media, records show.

It was decided that the student had no intention of harming others and she acted alone in what was determined to be a non-credible threat, according to Kettering schools.

The threat, stating “930am 10/20/22 Ima gonna shoot up the school,” was found in a Fairmont east unit rest room and later surfaced on social media, Kettering and Oakwood police records show.

The Fairmont threat “was one in the same” fielded by Oakwood police Oct. 19, a report from Oakwood’s safety department states.

The teen was questioned by law enforcement and Kettering school officials, police records show. She was not arrested or detained, Madzey said.

The school district declined to comment Thursday on the student’s status.

“We will follow board policy when it comes to disciplinary action, relative to the student code of conduct infraction,” Kettering schools Spokeswoman Kari Basson said in an email.

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