Riverside council picks new city council member

Riverside City Council on Thursday appointed Jesse Maxfield, a supervisor at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center, to a vacant council seat.

Maxfield, 37, will replace Dan Teaford, who retired in April citing health problems.

“I’ve pretty much been a lifelong resident of the city of Riverside,” Maxfield said during an interview he did with council on May 13. “I love this community. Obviously, I chose to have my kids grow up here. Our kids are going to good schools here. I’m passionate about our community and I think we have a lot of good opportunities to grow and move forward here.”

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Maxfield worked for Mad River Local schools previously as both the dean of students at Stebbins High School and the career technology director at Stebbins High School, according to his resume submitted to city council.

He has long been involved in Riverside, growing up in the city, working at the local school district and coaching football, wrestling and baseball. He is also the president of the Stebbins High School Alumni Association.

He is married with two children. He has a master’s degree in education from Wright State University.

During his interview, Maxfield said he now has more free time in his current role at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center than he did while working at Stebbins.

He said he was not able to commit to volunteering for city positions while he worked at Stebbins, due to his work schedule and having two young kids.

“With the position I’m in now, my evenings are free,” Maxfield said.

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Riverside mayor Pete Williams, who works at Carroll High School, said he feels a kindred spirit to Maxfield.

“You’ve been coaching, volunteering since you got out of Stebbins, and I’ve been doing a lot of the same things since I got out of Carroll,” Williams said.

Maxfield said he has also been used to making hard decisions in his roles at Stebbins.

“I’ve learned that you’re never going to make everybody happy, but at least if you listen and you understand where they’re coming from and you can explain where we’re coming from, where we’re trying to move the community forward, I think, you know, they might ever agree with you, but at least you hopefully find some common ground,” he said.

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