Spotlighting Dayton musician’s instrumental power ballads



Jimmy Psycho’s hair metal heartbreak.

Jimmy Psycho continues pillaging his musical past on his latest themed album, “Love on the Rocks: Heart Broken Power Ballads.” The local musician’s sci-fi-tinged, lounge music instrumental take on the hair metal canon, releasing on Friday, Sept. 30, is the follow-up to Jimmy Psycho Experiment’s “The Wave of Love” (2021).

Psycho, fresh off performances at the DEVOtional fan convention in Cleveland, recently discussed “Love on the Rocks.”

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Mellow metal: “Years ago, my friends and I would joke about how as our generation got older, there would eventually be Muzak and easy listening versions of heavy metal songs playing in grocery stores and elevators. So, now that it’s over 30 years since these songs were originally released, it was time for someone to do it!”

Musical connection: “These songs came out when I was in the Army so they, sort of, were the soundtrack of that time in my life. I have vivid memories of being on the bus approaching basic training and they played Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” as we entered the gates. “The Flame” by Cheap Trick was out on my first leave and I was reunited with my girlfriend back home at the time. “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” came out a week after she broke up with me. In the pre-digital era, those songs were on the radio constantly. You always heard them. Being in a highly emotional state at those times demonstrates the impact music can have on you.”

Honoring the source: “Despite all the ‘cheesy-ness’ of some of these songs and all the clownish antics of some of the performers, when I was breaking it down and giving it a good listen, I realized there were some really talented and skilled players. I always approach the songs and artists whose songs I record with the utmost respect. My respect for these guys definitely grew while working on this one.”

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More musical mayhem: “I’m working on the new Psycho Charger record, “Return of the Psycho,” which is almost fully completed. I’m loving the new collection of songs. I’m releasing the brand-new Psycho Charger song, “Tonight is Halloween,” on October 7, just in time for the spooky season. I’m also working on getting a special song out before Halloween with my longtime friend, Thea Munster, in Ontario, Canada. We’ve hashed out some good ideas and are looking to get those out there. After Halloween, I usually cruise through the winter months coming up with new ideas and seeing what assorted wackiness I can get into.”

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