Sugarcreek Twp. police investigating threatening letters sent to families with BLM signs

Sugarcreek Twp. Police are investigating after two families said they received threatening letters on Monday about the Black Lives Matter signs in their front yards.

Kelsey Hurlburt, who got the note, said a man on a motorcycle came to her house and chip clipped the letter to the BLM sign in her yard. After reading it, she called the police.

The note says “be it known to all BLM and ANTIFA members that from this day forward you will all be considered Anti-American Terrorists.” The letter goes on to say that their actions will be treated with “deadly action.”

“I’m scared. It’s scary,” Hurlburt said.

Barry Tiffany, Sugarcreek Twp. administrator, said the Sugarcreek Twp. police department is investigating the letter and who may have dropped it off.

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Another family also got the letter. The police made contact with the family, but they did not make a report, Tiffany said.

The Dayton Daily News called several surrounding police departments and no reports of a similar letter being distributed had been made this week.

Hurlburt told police she thinks the same person who dropped off the note previously ripped her BLM sign from her front yard in March, according to police records. Tiffany said there was no police report made for that incident.

Hurlburt said her family is going to buy outdoor cameras to try to identify the person on the motorcycle. She has advised her 5-year-old and the neighbors’ children not to play outside in the front yard after school anymore.

“It’s really important to us that everybody feels safe in their community, and that everybody feels accepted and respected for who they are,” Hurlburt said. “So, even though we’re scared, we don’t want to be intimidated into to taking our sign down because we believe that supporting Black lives is incredibly important.”

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