UD sells Brown Street site for $400K to Pine Club



The Pine Club has purchased property near its Brown Street restaurant from the University of Dayton.

Pine Club Real Estate Inc. bought property at 1918 Brown St. from East Aqua Development V1 LLC, which is tied to the University of Dayton. An executive with the restaurant said there are no firm plans yet for the property.

The building is two doors north of the popular old-school steakhouse at 1926 Brown St.

The deed in the transaction was signed by Andrew Horner, UD’s executive vice president of business and administrative services.

Karen Watson, vice president and general manager of the iconic restaurant, said the company has made no plans for the property yet. “We just knew we wanted to have it; we didn’t want it to become a bar or something next to us,” she told the Dayton Daily News.

In an email to the Dayton Daily News Tuesday, Horner said UD purchased the property in 2018 to ensure that any future use of the site “would be compatible with the neighborhood and the university.

“During the height of the pandemic, the Pine Club asked to store outdoor furniture in the building so that it could continue to offer dining,” Horner said. “As a good neighbor and supporter of local businesses, the university was happy to provide support to this iconic restaurant during a very challenging time.”

Horner added that UD leaders are confident any future use of the property by the Pine Club will be good for the neighborhood.

Montgomery County auditor’s records dated the transaction as Feb. 15.

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