Coronavirus: Montgomery County makes level 4 watch list for first time

Montgomery County made the level 4 watch list for Ohio’s public health advisory system for the first time.

Purple, or level 4, counties meet at least six data indicators for at least two consecutive weeks. Counties on the watch list meet at least six indicators, but have not done so for two weeks.

Currently, Montgomery County meets the indicators for new cases per capita, new cases increase, non-congregate cases, emergency department visits, outpatient visits and hospital admissions.

The only indicator the county doesn’t meet is ICU bed occupancy.

Lake and Lorain counties also made the watch list this week, with Franklin County moving to level 4.

Montgomery County has been red, or level 3, for nearly every week since the public health advisory system was announced at the end of June.

The county has seen an increase in coronavirus as cases and hospitalizations continue to rise in the state.

Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County Health Commissioner Jeff Cooper noted Wednesday that the county has the fourth highest number of total cases in the state. As of today, there have been 17,811 cases reported in Montgomery County.

A stay-at-home advisory went into effect for Montgomery County today. The advisory asks residents to stay home as much as possible and to limit contact with people outside their households. The advisory is scheduled to end Dec. 17.

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