Coronavirus: Ohio sees record increase in hospital admissions, southwest Ohio seeing higher numbers

More than 200 new hospitalizations connected to the coronavirus have been reported in the last day, breaking the state’s record previously set in July.

Ohio reported 216 hospitalizations Tuesday, more than 50 higher than the previous record, Gov. Mike DeWine said. A total of 1,221 people were hospitalized in the state for COVID-19, according to data.

Dr. Andy Thomas of Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center said that hospitalizations are increasing throughout the state, with the southwest Ohio region seeing the highest numbers they’ve seen at anytime during the pandemic.

Earlier this year the state divided itself into three zones and and eight regions to help manage hospitalizations. Southwest Ohio is zone 3, which is comprised of regions 3 and 6.

On Tuesday, there were 371 COVID-19 patients in hospitals in regions 3 and 6, compared to 239 on Oct. 7.

Of the 371 patients, 84 are in the ICU and 52 are on ventilators, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Coronavirus patients also make up 5.8% of hospital beds available in regions 3 and 6.

“We are certainly at the highest point we’ve seen across the state at any time during the pandemic in terms of total hospitalizations,” Thomas said.

He added that as hospitalizations continue to climb, health officials are watching to see where the state peaks. Currently, it isn’t clear when hospitalizations will level off.

Thomas noted, however, that hospital staff still feel that they can manage the number of patients they’re treating.

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