Timeline of Dayton Daily News coverage of children services controversy

Dayton Daily News reporters are holding accountable area agencies tasked with keeping children safe from abuse or neglect, and investigating whether their decisions have left children at risk.

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Governor-ordered review of Montgomery County Children Services finds shortfalls, agency making changes

What changes do local lawmakers support to children services investigations?

Here is a timeline of our recent coverage:

Dec. 24, 2019: Al-Muhatan McLean, is accused of "extreme abuse" related to the Dec. 13 death of his son, 10-year-old Takoda Collins

Dec. 25, 2019: Our reporters view the preliminary autopsy of Takoda and report what investigators found

Dec. 27, 2019:The Dayton Daily News talks with the family of Takoda

Dec. 27, 2019:Amanda Hinze and Jennifer Ebert are both indicted

Dec. 28, 2019:The Dayton Daily News uncovers public records that show a school worker and Takoda's mother told police their concerns of possible abuse more than a year before he died.

Dec. 31, 2019:Search warrants uncovered by the Dayton Daily News show authorities believe that a Taser and a metal spatula may have been among the items used as part of alleged extreme child abuse against Takoda.

Jan. 1 2020:The Dayton Daily News obtains Wisconsin court records showing McLean's violent past criminal history

Jan. 5, 2020: Teachers tell the Dayton Daily News they called Children Services numerous times before Takoda's death

Jan. 6, 2020:Teachers are seeking new laws to better protect children like Takoda.

Jan. 9, 2020:McLean asks the court for a competency evaluation

Jan. 11, 2020:State lawmakers react to Takoda's case and seek an independent review

Jan. 16, 2020:Montgomery County announces they are holding an internal review of children services handling of Takoda Collins

Jan. 19, 2020:The community holds a vigil for Takoda Collins

Feb. 3, 2020:The citizen action group Takoda's Call forms

Feb. 9, 2020: A Dayton Daily News investigation finds that Montgomery County Children Services failed to meet standards for child safety in state-mandated reviews during a time when reports of abuse and neglect made to the agency ballooned.

Feb. 23, 2020:The Dayton Daily News reports that at least a half a dozen agencies and institutions in three states were at some point involved in attempting to protect the well-being of Takoda, but rarely spoke to one another.

Feb. 27, 2020: Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine orders a review of Montgomery County Children Services

Feb. 28, 2020:Montgomery County Coroner's Office rules 2-month-old Gabriel Clouse death a homicide

Feb. 29: 2020:Dewine tells the Dayton Daily News he ordered the review after a baby was born with marijuana in his system and the case was closed after only 12 days

March 5, 2020:McLean is ruled competent to stand trial

March 13, 2020:Montgomery County Coroner's Office rules Takoda's death a homicide

March 26, 2020:The Dayton Daily News finds educators and child advocates across the Dayton region and state of Ohio are concerned school shutdowns due to coronavirus mean many vulnerable children have lost their safe haven at the same time family stresses have increased.

March 29, 2020:The Dayton Daily News exclusively reports a Children Services worker was under investigation for placing two kids in a home with two sex assault suspects

April 5, 2020: State lawmakers are continuing to monitor the paper's investigation and search for ways to make Children Services more transparent.

May 14, 2020:The Dayton Daily News reports court documents in the Takoda Collins case have been restricted from public view.

June 2, 2020:The newspaper finds Jennifer Ebert has been charged with misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter

June 16, 2020:Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. announces recommendations for how child abuse cases should be investigated for now on.

June 17, 2020:The union representing caseworkers tells the Dayton Daily News the county's refusal to fill many open caseworker positions will undermine proposed reforms.

June 25, 2020:Dayton Police announce they have implemented policy changes to how it conducts juvenile welfare checks

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