Warren County teen shooting: Who are the people arrested and what’s next?

Warren County Sheriff’s deputies have made four arrests and now allege the Centerville man shot and killed was involved in criminal activity with the four suspects.

Law enforcement made the announcement Tuesday night, providing new insight into the high-profile case in the Turtlecreek Twp. and Warren County community.

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Here’s what we know so far:

4 arrested, 1 dead

Warren County law enforcement made four arrests and alleges the man shot and killed at a home on Oregonia Road was also in on a criminal plot.

“Detectives arrested four teenagers for the murder of Mason N. Trudics of Centerville,” the release said. “The investigation determined those arrested, along with Trudics, planned the robbery and kidnapping of an individual who was called by one of the four to 1869 Oregonia Road, Turtlecreek Township.”

Authorities say when the individual arrived he was met with a baseball bat and a firearm. It was then he reportedly defended himself (also armed with a firearm) against the attack, shooting Trudics dead and critically wounding Logan Dean.

The four arrested were:

• Kayla J. Carmack, 17 years old, of Lebanon and the homeowner’s daughter.

• Dakota J. Cox, 18 years old, of Kettering.

• Logan M. Dean, 16 years old, Centerville.

• Jacob W. Hicks, 16 years old, Centerville.

The shooter, who was initially determined to be a suspect, has not been charged.

Homeowner’s daughter:

In the 9-1-1 call obtained by the Dayton Daily News through a public records request, Kayla Carmack can be heard screaming and crying following the shooting.

“Kayla, breathe honey. We’re fine, OK?” her mother can be heard saying to her during the call.

“My daughter is having a panic attack,” the mother tells the dispatcher.

“Kayla, chill out babe,” her mother says.

“I can’t,” Kayla can be heard saying in the 9-1-1 call.

Court hearings

Dakota Cox, the lone adult survivor of those accused, is due in Lebanon Municipal Court at 1 p.m. Thursday.

The other three suspects will be arraigned in Warren County Juvenile Court. Kayla Carmack is due in court today at 2 p.m. and Hicks is due in court today at 3 p.m. No court date has been set for Dean. All three may be transferred to adult court at a later date.

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