Kettering superintendent hopes to continue in-person learning after Thanksgiving break



Kettering City Schools Superintendent Scott Inskeep said in an email that he hopes to continue in-person learning at Kettering Schools after Thanksgiving break. However, he said he and his staff will evaluate their plan and compare it to state and county guideline and advisories, as well as the ability to properly staff classrooms.

Inskeep hopes to have students in the building Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with Wednesday as a remote learning day so staff can deep-clean the building, he stated in the email. He acknowledged the Public Health Dayton Montgomery County’s stay-at-home advisory, but did not enforce that students stay home.

“While PHDMC made it clear in a news conference this afternoon that this is just an advisory and does not mandate that schools move to remote learning, the health and safety of our students, staff and families will continue to be a top priority,” Inskeep said. “We will continue to evaluate our plan for returning to in-person learning against county and state guidelines and advisories, as well as our ability to properly staff our classrooms.”

Inskeep encouraged Kettering City Schools families to stick to guidelines set by the county and state.

“If we can all continue to mask up, wash up, socially distance and limit exposure to those other than our immediate families during our upcoming Thanksgiving Break, I am confident that we can all partner together to be able to successfully return to in-person learning on November 30,” he said.

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