Coronavirus: 40,424 total cases, 2,508 deaths reported in Ohio

There have been 40,424 total cases of coronavirus and 2.508 deaths attributed to the virus in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

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The state is reporting 37,519 confirmed cases and 2,280 deaths.

There have been 6,814 hospitalizations and 1,745 ICU admissions connected to virus reported in Ohio throughout the pandemic.

Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton announced her resignation Thursday. Starting yesterday, Lance Himes took over her duties at interim director.

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Also on Thursday, Gov. Mike DeWine shared news numbers that showed the Dayton region has the highest coronavirus basic reproduction number, which shows how contagious a disease is without intervention.

The Dayton region has an R0 of 1.07, which means a person with coronavirus is spreading it to 1.07 people on average. Dayton was the only region with an R0 over one. The second highest region was northeast Ohio with 0.93.

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The state’s R0 was as high as 1.9 in March, but dropped to just under one on June 1, DeWine said. However, the state is starting to see a slight increase.

DeWine’s next coronavirus briefing is scheduled for Tuesday.

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