Coronavirus: First plasma donor gives to program four times

The first person to donate blood as part of an experimental program to treat coronavirus-positive patients with plasma from survivors was the 21-year-old son of an Oakwood rabbi, according to a release from the Community Blood Center.

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Menachem Mendel Mangel, first gave blood to the program on April 6, and gave blood for the fourth time May 28.

“Obviously it was more dramatic the first time,” he said in the release.

He added that this is probably the last time he is giving blood at the CBC, though, because he doesn’t actually live in the Miami Valley. According to the release, Mangel actually works in marketing in New York, and was visiting his family in Oakwood for Passover when he showed signs of COVID-19.

The CBC said that Mangel became involved because Wright Patterson Medical Center physician Maj. Evan Fisher, who was one of the initial organizers of the program, was a member of Rabbi Mangel’s synagogue.

Although he is at the end of his time as an active donor at the CBC, Mangel said that he considers himself “on call” when needed.

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Speaking of the growth of the plasma donation program, he said, “It’s very nice. It’s great for people to give back. I’m glad to do my part.”

The CBC’s coronavirus plasma program is still going, and at the end of May totaled 57 donors, most of them repeat donors, according to the release.

The program is still accepting new donors, who must have a diagnosis of COVID-19 through RNA testing, have been symptom-free for an extended period of time and meet normal blood donor requirements like weight, good health and age.

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