Great Miami River rises nearly 10 feet over two-day period

The Great Miami River rose nearly 10 feet in some areas after nearly 5 inches of rain fell in the Miami Valley over 48 hours, according to the Miami Conservancy District.

Between Hamilton and Dayton, the river rose between 6.5 and nearly 10 feet.

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The MCD flood protection system, which includes dams and levees, is working to prevent floodwaters from impacting downtown areas along the river from Piqua to Hamilton.

All five of the district’s dams are temporarily storing floodwater. Storage at four of the dams, Germantown, Lockington, Taylorsville and Huffman, has peaked.

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It is expected to peak at Englewood Thursday.

Storage starts when the water level rises near the top of the conduits at the dams, according to MCD.

River levels in all the protected cities are beginning to recede though.

The MCD staff is continuing to monitor river levels and will take action as necessary.

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Staff closed storm sewer floodgates in West Carrollton, Middletown and Hamilton. Floodgates at the end of storm sewers are typically open. They are closed to prevent the rising river from backing up into the storm sewer and into cities.

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