Kroger says Austin Landing store not selling tobacco products

Austin Landing’s Kroger has stopped the sale of tobacco products, the company said Tuesday.

“The Austin Landing store is not selling tobacco at this time,” Kroger spokeswoman Erin Rolfes said in an email.

“Unfortunately, I do not have any additional information to share at this time,” she added.

It is unclear why the Miami Twp. site has halted the sale of tobacco products, state and local public safety and health officials said.

The cigarette kiosks at the end of the store’s checkout lanes do have cigarettes in them. However, all the kiosks visible Tuesday were shut tight and padlocked on the front.

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Other typical cigarette storage areas had coverings on them.

A caller to this news organization said a tobacco “ban” began at the Austin Landing Kroger at 10 p.m. Monday.

However, none of the multiple agencies responding Tuesday to inquiries indicated any involvement or knowledge of Kroger’s actions.

Miami Twp. police do not “have any activities with regards to Kroger tobacco sales,” that department’s Public Information Officer Pat McCoy said.

Neither do the Ohio departments of health, taxation or public safety, officials said.

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“We have not been to the Austin Landing location in several years,” ODPS Spokeswoman Julie Hinds said.

An inquiry to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office was not returned as of late Tuesday afternoon.

Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County has not been involved in any activity regarding that location and tobacco sales, said Dan Suffoletto, that agency’s public information supervisor.

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